Pressure Sensors

Current lead time is 6-8 Weeks ARO

Pressure measurement technology translates force from an induced pressure into an electrical signal. SSI’s family of pressure sensors use peizoresistive technology for its sensor signal processing to measure pressure.

SSI Technologies, LLC full line of Pressure Sensors are sure to fit your automotive, industrial or commercial application needs. These compact, robust sensors measure a wide range of pressure.

Product p51 mediasensor

Pressure Sensor Products

P31 – MediaNugget™

Family of uncompensated, resistive sensing element.

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P51 – MediaSensor™

Family of Absolute, Gauge and Sealed Gauge Pressure Transducers

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P61 – Combo Pressure and Temperature

Custom ASIC provides signal conditioning for calibration and temperature compensation.

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MediaGauge™ Digital Gauge

Four Digit LCD Digital Pressure Gauges.

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