We recognize that our greatest challenge, our most significant responsibility, and our greatest opportunity for prolonged success are the development, empowerment, and fulfillment of all stakeholders.

We lead with vision and integrity. We will hold ourselves and those that work with us accountable to the highest standards of ethics to build our business on a foundation of trust. We love the journey, seeing every problem as an opportunity while our mission keeps us in the learning mode.

We communicate the need for accomplishment by embracing our vision, core values, and guiding principles. Our leadership is demonstrated through our passion and commitment to accomplishing our goals.

Our Leadership Team

Jeff Terkhorn
General Manager - Controls

Greg Murphy
Chief Technical Engineer

Tammy Romack
Division Controller

Jean Randles
Director of Human Resources

Core Values and Guiding Principles

  • Our success depends directly on how well we anticipate and exceed the expectations of both our external and internal customers.
    Team Members
    • We treat each other with respect and dignity.
    • We empower our Team Members and encourage them to take control of their own destiny.
    • All Team Members have a stake in our organization's success.
    • We will maintain a healthy and safe environment in our workplace.
    • We are an organization of "learners"; we strive to continuously improve our competence through education and experience.
    • We recognize and celebrate accomplishments.
    • A strong work ethic is essential to our success.
      • We encourage innovation and creativity to exceed the expectations of our customers, with the understanding that there will be occasional mistakes as we implement our ideas.
      • We will accomplish what needs to be achieved with the tools and resources available.
      • We are winners; wherever there is an adversarial belief, myth or practice that impedes our path, we will overcome it.
        • We will provide the opportunity for growth and success to all Team Members, suppliers, customers and shareholders.
        • We always do what is right for SSI.
          • We strive to be the best in everything we do.
          • Details are critical to execution; they are the nuts and bolts of a job well done.
          • We take pride in accomplishing our goals and objectives.
          • We have a sense of urgency in everything we do.
            Continuous Improvement
            • Rapid and constant improvement of our products and processes is key to staying ahead of the competition while providing increased value to our customers.
            • We work together to fix the problem, not the blame.
              • We conduct our business openly and honestly and do what is right.
              • We strive for a "win/win" solution in our dealings with our customers, suppliers and each other.
              • We take responsibility for meeting our commitments.
                • We practice frequent and honest communication with our customers, suppliers and each other.
                • We clearly and continually communicate the vision.
                  • We will involve ourselves in our community, while at the same time promoting a better quality of life and a safer environment.