GPLUS Sensor

The SSI Technologies General Purpose Level Ultrasonic Sensor (GPLUS) is a compact, competitively priced solution for continuous fluid level monitoring. Constructed of PPS plastic, GPLUS is compatible with a wide range of chemicals and temperatures. Ultrasonic technology, combined with an on-board thermistor for temperature compensation provides a more accurate sensor than alternative low-cost level sensing technologies. GPLUS comes with a simple analog output, diagnostics, a programmed fluid averaging filter, and a simple twist-lock installation making it the perfect solution for your fluid level measurement needs.

Critical features include:

  • Continuous level output
  • Compact, ultrasonic level sensor
  • Standard Twist-lock mount with O-Ring
  • Standard housing made of PPS, compatible with over 250 different chemicals
  • Greater accuracy than other technologies
  • Custom profiling available for your specific tank dimensions
  • Level is compensated for changes in temperature using an on-board thermistor.
  • Input voltage: 5V
  • Output: 0.5V to 4.0V
  • Cost effective

Test samples available for OEMs and systems suppliers

    For order information and minimum quantities call 608-373-2317.

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    Gplus featured

    Typical Applications

    • Coolant level
    • Fuel cells
    • Chemical
    • Water
    • Pumps
    • Small tank fluid handling
    • Food and Beverage

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