Material Handling

SSI Technologies, LLC's line of Digital Fluid-Trac™ sensors interface with 12 V or 24 V electronic gauges typically found in material handling industrial equipment. They also interface with control modules to indicate tank volume levels.

Our Pressure Sensors are well suited for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. These compact, robust sensors measure pressure from 3 PSI to 7,500 PSI.

See the list of our partners for our line of pressure sensors and our Fluid-Trac™ line that will best suit your material handling needs.

Featured Material Handling Industry Products

Digital Fluid-Trac™

The Digital Fluid-Trac™ drum liquid level gauge is a cost competitive, non-contact, continuous drum liquid level gauge. It is designed for use on vertical drums (≤ 32-inch depths) in storing a wide variety of media such as water, wastewater, motor oil, hydraulic fluid, and diesel fuel.

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The Acu-Trac™ sensor is ideal for tanks or storage containers that have a depth/height up to 9.84 feet (3 meters). These sensors provide various outputs & off-vehicle communications.

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Pressure Sensors

Pressure measurement technology translates force from an induced pressure into an electrical signal. SSI's family of pressure sensors use piezoresistive technology for its sensor signal processing to measure pressure.

SSI Technologies, LLC full line of Pressure Sensors is sure to fit your automotive, industrial or commercial application needs. These compact, robust sensors measure a wide range of pressure.

Current lead time is 6-8 Weeks ARO

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