Acu-Trac™ SMART 485

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The Acu-Trac™ Smart 485 family ultrasonic level transducers are designed for continuous liquid level monitoring and liquid level control applications. These non-contact, continuous liquid level transducers can monitor tanks or storage containers that have a depth of up to 1.9 meters (75.69 inches) for gasoline and 2.5 meters (98.4 inches) for other media.

Performance Considerations
An understanding of the variables that affect the performance of an ultrasonic distance sensor application is important to maximize reliability.

The Smart 485 has two types of RS-485 messaging – programming commands and timed data broadcast message (PID 96).

Configuration Kit
The Acu-Trac™ Smart 485 Level Transducer Configuration Kit provides the user with the following flexibility:

  • The ability to re-configure the unit to support virtually any tank/container size or shape up to 2.5 meters in depth.
  • The ability to easily set up the analog output.

For order information and minimum quantities call 608-373-2317.

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Product accutrac fuel

Typical Applications

  • Fuel Level Sensing

Typical Markets

  • Mass Transit
  • Heavy Truck
  • Material Handling
  • Marine
  • Rail


Need a different connection method, a specific output format, or other customization options?

Contact SSI Technologies, LLC, and we will help design the perfect product for your application.

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