The Fluid-Trac™ cost-competitive liquid level sensor family is ideal for tanks or storage containers that have a depth/height of 32 inches (24 inches for gasoline). These liquid level sensors are chemically compatible with gasoline, diesel fuels, ethanol, oils, fresh water, sewage water, UREA (AdBlue) and engine coolants. A minimum order quantity of 10 units is available through our distribution partner. Orders of 100 units or more are available from the factory direct; test samples are available for larger opportunities.

Fluid-Trac™ Options


  • The Fluid-Trac™ 2-Wire liquid level sensors are non-contact sensors that can be used as a more reliable and accurate replacement for standard 30-240 ohm resistive float sender, reed-switch tube sensors or capacitive tube senders.
  • The Fluid-Trac™ 2-Wire liquid level sensor is commonly used to work with fuel gauges.

    Three-Wire Resistive Output

    • The Fluid-Trac™ 3-Wire Resistive Output, liquid level sensor, can be factory programmed to have a resistive output in the range of 8 to 320 ohms. The Fluid-Trac® 3-Wire resistive output liquid level sensor allows direct replacement of 33-240 ohm float senders or 10-180 ohm float senders.

      Three-Wire Voltage Output

      • The Fluid-Trac™ 3-Wire ultrasonic level sensor is a non-contact liquid level sensor that offers a wide variety of input and output options which enables it to interface with many different microprocessor-controlled fuel gauges or digital instrumentation.

        Focus Tube Application

        • The Fluid-Trac™ Focus Tube Adaptor (FTA) is designed to be mated to the SSI Technologies, LLC Fluid-Trac unit with five bolt mounting specification. FTA will fit on tanks with SAE J1810 bolt pattern.

        Minimum order quantity of 100 units; test samples are available for larger opportunities.

        For order information call 608-373-2317.

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        Typical Applications

        • RV's
        • Ice Machines
        • Liquid Level Sensing
        • SCR DEF Systems
        • Water Treatment Tanks

        Typical Markets

        • Automotive
        • Mass Transit
        • Agriculture
        • Autonomous Vehicles


        Need a different connection method, a specific output format, or other customization options?

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