SSI Technologies, Inc., a leading OEM supplier of automotive sensors, has delivered more than 100 million units to its customers where cost, size and performance are critical.

We have over 25 years of experience providing magnetic sensing solutions that meet the specific needs of our OEM customers.

Our line of Pressure Sensors are well suited for compact and robust sensing, while measuring pressure from 3 PSI to 7,500 PSI, and are used by top after market suppliers.

Featured Automotive Industry Products


The Fluid-Trac™ cost-competitive fluid level sensor is ideal for tanks or storage containers that have a depth/height up to 32 inch (81.28cm); 24 inch (60.96cm) for gasoline.

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Point Level Switch

The Fluid-Trac™ PLS (Point Level Sensor) may be used in any size tank or storage container to control up to three switch points within 32 inch (81.28cm); 24 inch (60.96cm) for gasoline.

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