About Us

SSI Technologies, LLC builds robust and cost-effective sensors and gauges for the global market.

Based in Janesville, Wisconsin, SSI produces the highest quality and most reliable pressure, level and magnetic sensors, digital pressure gauges, and digital level gauges for the automotive and industrial market.

SSI Technologies, LLC is known for:

  • Being an Automotive & Heavy Equipment Sensor partner
  • Sensor Technology innovation and leadership
  • Engineering, design and development excellence
  • Our elegant product designs & packaging
  • High volume sensor and electronic assembly production expertise
  • Automotive grade design, development & manufacturing systems

Mission Statement

The mission of SSI is to provide our customers with sensors solutions and products that exceed their expectations for quality, performance, and value. We are engineering driven with an entrepreneurial spirit.

We help our automotive and industrial customers surpass their regulatory requirements by remaining focused on their needs from concept through the entire life cycle of their product, providing custom products that are unparalleled in the industry.

Brand Vision

SSI is respected and admired throughout the industry for producing the highest quality, most reliable custom sensors and systems for the automotive and industrial market. Our commitment to our customers, people, suppliers, and business partners is backed up by genuine corporate integrity, a growing global presence, and proven manufacturing expertise. These robust and cost-effective solutions continue to exceed the expectations of our customers in terms of performance, on-time delivery, customer service, and engineering value.

SSI Technologies, LLC.


A marketing organization

that works hand in hand with our customers to identify future sensing and sensing related system needs not currently being fulfilled by existing sources of supply.

A design organization

that defines, develops and qualifies sensor related products for targeted emerging applications in the automotive and heavy equipment markets.

A manufacturing organization

focused on high volume electronic and mechanical assembly of custom sensor and sensor related system designs for the automotive and heavy equipment markets.

A research organization

that invests in applied research to develop next-generation automotive and heavy equipment sensors and sensing systems.

An entrepreneurial organization

that invests in application engineering, business development, and manufacturing capacity to become the dominant supplier for target emerging applications in the automotive and heavy equipment markets.

Global Footprint

SSI Technologies, LLC

Korporátní kancelář

Corporate Office - Palmer

3200 Palmer Drive

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SSI Technologies, LLC

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Plainfield Operations

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SSI Technologies, LLC

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SSI Technologies, LLC

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Technical Center

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SSI Technologies GmbH

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Technical Center

Chiemgaustrasse 148

81549 Muenchen


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SSI Technologies s.r.o.

Společnost SSI Technologies s.r.o.

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Czech Republic

Amphenol (Changzhou) Connector Systems Co., Ltd.

Amphenol (Changzhou) Connector Systems Co., Ltd.

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