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SSI is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of DEF/Urea sensing solutions and DEF/Urea delivery modules for automotive, on-highway truck and off-highway applications.

  • SSI provides a fully integrated TULC (with and without heater tube assemblies).
  • Stainless Steel pick up and return lines and engine coolant loops.
  • Includes graver filter, cap and DEF filter.
  • Multiple header designs available and engine coolant loops specifically designed and certified to your tank’s configuration.
  • Top mounted with standard and custom header configurations.

Modular design is very flexible allowing customization to various tank heights, cable harness and connector needs.

Critical features include:

SSI has developed a filter designed to eliminate the effects of aerated DEF on sensor performance.

Design considerations include:

  • Packaging - Minimal effect on required sensor packaging space
  • DEF compatibility - EPDM filter material compatible with DEF
  • Concentration response time - Minimize effect on concentration response time
  • Level response time - Minimize effect on level response time
  • Robustness - Must meet all durability test requirements
  • Ultrasonic Concentration sensing provides high accuracy and durability.
  • Ultrasonic Concentration sensor protected from bubble interface.
  • Ultrasonic Concentration sensor is a proven solution currently being accepted by the EPA.
  • Ultrasonic Level has a higher level of resolution and repeatability over reed switch technology.
  • Integration of temp, level and concentration provides for a more global competitive solution.
  • Addition of integrated heater function creates the best system solution (thaw performance, concentration performance, level performance, etc)

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