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Supplier Portal

The SSI Technologies, Inc. supply chain relies on a select network of suppliers to provide the materials we require to run our production lines smoothly.

As a result, we depend on our suppliers to provide us with accurate and timely information along with quality raw materials, delivered on time, at a competitive price. Established quality control systems are documented to assure that the products and services furnished by our suppliers conform fully to the specifications and requirements established by the SSI Technologies, Inc. Purchase Agreement.


SSI’s procurement team is responsible for sourcing goods and services, selecting suppliers and negotiating agreements.

Our suppliers

It is our firm belief that there is more to procurement than just cost. We want to create business partnerships with our suppliers.


Supplier Quality Assurance Manual

This manual establishes the minimum quality assurance requirements for all suppliers of production materials whether the products and services being furnished are provided by the supplier directly or indirectly through the supplier’s sub-suppliers and subcontractors.

Export Compliance & Regulatory Affairs

It is the policy of SSI Technologies, Inc. (SSI) to comply with all U.S. international trade laws. Among these laws are export control laws and embargo laws. This document is provided so that customers may view SSI's compliance information at any time.

PPAP Submission Checklist

SSI requires the supplier to furnish representative production samples with inspection and test reports IN ADVANCE of first production shipments AND IN ADVANCE of production shipments whenever a process, tooling or other change occurs that affects the form, fit, function, durability, appearance, manufacturing process, manufacturing location, or interchangeability of the product or its component parts.  This latter requirement applies regardless of who is making the change involved.

Supplier Request for Change Approval

We encourage our suppliers to suggest possible changes to improve cost and/or quality.This form provides the proper vehicle to propose such changes.  All suppliers must have written authorization from SSI PRIOR to incorporating any changes into production that affect the form, fit, function, durability, appearance, manufacturing process or interchangeability of any product or component part furnished to SSI.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

SSI Technologies requires that all production parts, materials, and services are purchased in accordance with the latest engineering drawing / specification approved in writing by SSI Technologies engineering department, the latest revision of our Supplier Quality Assurance Manual – SQA9001, and any additional requirements indicated on our purchase orders including terms and conditions.

Conflict Minerals Policy

The Controls Technologies Division of SSI Technologies, Inc. is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and the community and, at the same time, complying with all applicable government regulations. As required by the Conflict Minerals provisions of HR 4173, Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, SSI is working with all of our raw material suppliers to confirm that their supply of materials does not include conflict minerals as outlined in the aforementioned bill

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