Sensor design and manufacturing...

we are the global leader

Sensor design and manufacturing...

we are the global leader

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At SSI Technologies, Inc., we don't just do the right thing, we also hold ourselves accountable for the results of our actions. We know that ethics and responsibility affect corporate culture and the image the public holds of the company, which ultimately affect the bottom line. We always consider the impact of our organization on the environment and take steps to minimize our impact. We believe corporate responsibility and ethics in management are essential to the long-term growth of our organization.

Green Masters Program Certificate


Fair Employment

At SSI Technologies, Inc., we try to build a rich and diverse talent pool with a wide range of disciplines to support our global growth. We cultivate an environment that appreciates the similarities and differences among our employees, customers and communities to build a culture of professionalism, dedication and collaboration. Above all, we look for people who can represent the technical expertise and strong values that are key to of SSI's success.





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